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tv   BBC World News  PBS  March 24, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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>> this is "bbc world news." funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. and union bank. >> union bank has put its financial strength to work for a wide range of companies, from small businesses to major corporations.
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what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news." >> more troubles for japan's stricken nuclear plant as two are taken to the hospital for nuclear expose your of radiation. and it could take weeks to destroy gaddafi's military. welcome to "bbc world news." i'm david eades. also coming up in the program. a call to martyrdom, a video showing pakistani children acting out a suicide bombing.
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>> hello. two workers at japan's power plant have been taken to the hospital after being exposed to high levels of radiation. the radiation has already gotten into the water supply although japanese authorities say it's now safe for babies. there's a news conference the japanese cabinet member describes what has happened to the workers. >> yesterday at reactor building number three, workers were laying cables. radiation levels is being monitored constantly by their individual sim tris, but the
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water contained higher levels of radiation. as a result, the workers were exposed to the radiation of more than 170 middle veertveerts. they have been transfered to hospitals to seek necessary treatment. >> well, aid is beginning to get through to some on the northern coast but many are still caught at the evacuation centers. we have this report. >> the village of odatchi is like so many others along japan's coast. homes splintered. lives destroyed. this man was luckier than most.
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his house stood but the waves smashed through even right up stairs. it will probably have to be knocked down. >> it's been nearly two weeks since the tsunami, he says, but i still have no idea what to do. >> when the tsunami hit, it cut through this community. this house with the red roof was on the other side of its neighbor. japan's government has put its military on a massive help operation, but people here are still trying to help themselves. much of the village is living here now. they set up a communal kitchen in the garden. in odatchi diversity has brought people together. the village has been given tents bay brittish charity, and they are pitching them side-by-side.
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>> if i'd been alone, it would have been very difficult to stand, but all of the neighbors have combined resources. we cooperate and even manage to laugh. >> there's no hurry to move out of this house where everybody has been sleeping and sharing candles and listening to the radio for more news. this has brought out the best in its people. >> coalition aircraft has struck targets across northern libya for another night. reports of an explosion at a military base at the east of the city. reports also say tanks fired on rebel-held misrata, the scene of fierce fighting as well. it is said it could take weeks rather than months to destroy
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gaddafi's military. >> the immediate aftermath of an aircraft as seen on state tv thursday morning. the authorities claim a residential area was targeted, taking many civilian lives. state media broadcast these images from a hospital apparently treating casualties. there are reports also that snites jaafar were targeted, although it's not been possible for the bbc to iptly verify any of these claims. >> the aircraft strikes that happened today were against the -- were -- army personnel. to get life back to normal, the air strikes must stop immediately. >> for their part, those leading the international community's efforts have
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reiterated their message to the regime in tripoli. >> we would certainly encourage that they would make the right decision. and not only institute a real comprehensive cease-fire but withdraw from the city, end military action, and prepare for a transition that does not include colonel gaddafi. >> but now one key member of the u.n. security council has expressed their concern. >> having combined the protection of the civilian population, how can one use air strikes which lead to more losses among a peaceful population? we cannot help but be concerned. >> amongst those actively involved in the air strikes, concern remains over who is in overall control of the operation? france, britain and the u.s.
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have taken the lead so far but they have yet agreed on the international council having the lead. >> in the rebel strong hold of benghazi we were said though the coalition was welcome, there was concern about the questions in misrata. >> more than 300 coalition sorties by air -- aircraft. 160 tomahawk missiles fired so far, probably getting on towards the 00, so it's a big coalition effort and no doubt the gratitude is here but people are worried about the situation in misrata, the last rebel strong hold and we're hearing gaddafi forces have been bomb barding although the libyan foreign ministers denied
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it saying there's just limited skirmishing and fighting going on in that city, but all the reports from the residents are saying it's a desperate situation running out of medical supplies and the hospitals overflowing with casualties and people drinking rainwater. so i think that will be the concern in the coming days. >> in the days you had people chanting "thank you cameron." are they still as adamant that there should be no boots on the ground, as it were in terms of how far international help should go? >> yes, they are. you see that a lot, we see. they say we, the libyan people can do it on our own is a familiar slogan here. there is a feeling yes, they want this air action, but nothing more than that. they don't need foreign troops
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on the ground here, but when you look at the rebel forces, and you see their efforts to push west, to take territory in the west, you have to say they are not making huge progress in the moment, if anything they are being bombarded by the gaddafi forces an hour or so away from here, so there is a stalemate on the ground, but the coalition saying they have pretty much control of the skies and british air operations were saying the gaddafi air force no longer exists and that the allied air force can operate with near impunity, so that does give them way to keep an eye on things. >> portugal appears to be one more step closer to a financial bailout. opposition parties defeated the
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government's plans for cost-cutting measures aimed at reassuring the financial markets, and as so, the prime minister has offered his resignation. the timing is awkward as the e.u. ministers are to finalize a debt plan this weekend. >> european austerity claims another victim. this time the prime minister of portugal. announcing his resignation after failing to convince parol meant that belts had to be tightened even further. parliament said the cuts would have fallen on the weakest of society. they are now in political drift just as it most badly needs decisive leadership. the country is under huge pressure on the financial markets, which are once again pushing its borrowing costs to once again unsustainable levels. for many here they think it's
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just a matter of time before a bailout of sorts. ireland seeking assistance from partners and the i.m.f. the news here from the portuguese parliament is probably the last thing those who seek to strengthen and save the euro wanted to hear. >> the worst possible timing for the euro zone just as leaders are preparing to claim their solution to the crisis, and one of europe's weakest societies are -- is now thrown into political turmoil. >> here, the irony being of course this is something for the e.u. leaders. >> i think they would have left all this behind but not completely, but certainly a look at moving on from it. in brussels, they have been
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there for a long time and they have been talking about expanding the euro. going forward then changing that fund into a mechanism that would prevent a further crisis like that. that was the agenda in some ways, to look forward showing europe was united and that it wasn't going to split into the richer and poorer states until the euro was stable, but now it is on the agenda and the ministers will discuss the mechanics of a possible bailout for port dal even though they have not officially asked for one. because it seems inevitable portugal will have to have a bailout. >> the government lobbied hard saying we will renegotiate our terms for our bailout. >> once you get a bailout, it
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does stop in some way. but dublin has been stubborn saying we will not increase our corporation tax. it makes it attractive for businesses to move there. but the rest of the e.u. says it's unfair and you must raise your corporation tax then we will consider your bailout. also in the mix is the result of the irish bank stress test that's due next week. it's highly unlikely that they will come up in terms of anything for the renegotiation for ireland and even so, poor ireland, they've been knocked off the agenda by portugal in some ways. >> yes. falling down the list of priorities. thank you very much, indeed for that. you're watching "bbc world news." plenty more still to come, including this. it is a call to martyrdom. it's an online video showing pakistani childrenal acting out
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suicide bombing. tributes have been pouring in for hollywood legend elizabeth taylor. the actress did have a long history of ill health and was being treated for symptoms of heart failure. she made her name in films such as "national velvet." but her off-screen love life of eight marriages certainly intrigued everyone. >> hollywood is honoring an icon the way it always mourns its own with a wreath on the walk of fame. this time there's an added touch. >> we asked the florist to choose flowers to commemorate the color of her eyes. she always had those violet-blue eyes.
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>> she really did contribute a lot to the aids foundation. and just who she was as an actress ander essence is really pretty amazing. it's sad. >> among the many public figures elton john to his aids foundation said we just lost a hollywood giant and an incredible human being. hillary clinton said she brought to life unforgetible characterize on film and her tireless effort to help with aids were great. and her social networks helped her keep in touch with fans. >> not a reaction since michael jackson died. this is a real indication of the level of celebrity that elizabeth taylor enjoyed. she was the closest thing to royalty hollywood had.
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"bbc news," los angeles. >> you're watching "bbc world news." these are the headlines this hour, japan's nuclear problems continue. two workers at the fukushima plant have been taken to the hospital after they were exposed to very high levels of radiation, but eye dine levels in tokyo's tap water are reported by authorities to have fallen. libyan state tv shows what it claims to be a fifth night of bombing in tripoli. rebels say it could take weeks rather than months destroy gaddafi's capabilities. in pakistan a suicide bomber has attacked, killing at least five people, four of them civilians. many overs were injured in the attack which took place along the afghan border. the israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu vowed they
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would respond wisely to a bomb attack at a bus stop. a british woman was killed and 30 others injured. some of them critically. the u.s. and palestinian leaders condemned the bombing as a terrorist attack. >> an explosion in the heart of west jerusalem. there hasn't been an attack like this in the city for several years. police say a bomb was left in a bag by the side of the road. it went off as two buses full of people drew up to the bus stop. one woman was killed, and dozens of others were injured. so far no one's claimed responsibility for the bombings. police say a man hunt is under way. israel's prime minister says the country will act aggressively to restore security. >> certain elements are trying
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to break the calm and test our determination, but we have a will of iron and will respond firmly and responsibly. >> the attacks come at a time of heightened tension in the gaza strip and in southern israel. mahmoud abbas, who runs the west bank, has condemned the attack. a spokesman for hamas said the group is looking to reverse the rising tension. but the bus attack brings back bad memories for people here, and many are worried there's more violence to to come. >> in other stories, reports of further violence in the syrian city of deraa following a police raid on a mosque which left several people dead. civilians said security forces opened fire on the funeral progressions. attacks have been taking place.
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an american soldier has been jailed for 24 years in the murder of three unarmed after begans last year. one pleaded guilty to the charges and has agreed to testify against the other four members of his unit facing trial over the killings. there's been an angry reaction in kosovo in the arrest of nine former members of the kosovo army. around 2,000 people gathered in the city to voice their opposition of the arrest by the e.u.'s rule of law commission. we have more. >> in the center, they gathered . veterans of an award -- veterans of a war they will see as their liberation. nine former members of the
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liberation army were arrested on suspicion of war crimes among those targeted is one of the most senior exk.l.x. members, a former transport minister. the charges date back to the 1990 eswar in kosovo. then serbian ethnic albanian dominated the province. a separatist insurgence as i. nato intervened to bomb positions. but recently fresh questions have been asked about the k.l.a.'s role. last december the council of human rights watchdog said the k.l.a. captured some to remove and sell their organs. the prime minister was said to be complicit. he vehemently denies the claims. but these protesters say the facts of the war were clear and
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that the k.l.a. acted out of self-defense. it's been almost a year since the war came to an end but the government and rebels are still fighting for their cause. some said the wounds must heal for kosovo to move on. >> we are going to have a look at the world cup. the big one. a lot of people said this should be the final. >> i wonder if india has drawn to a stand still. it would be interesting. the world cup. if the world cup fever hadn't gripped in gear yet, it certainly is now. australia they are the four-time winners in the tournament. world cup winners three times. this match should be a thrilling natural store. the captain won the toss. it hasn't yet tom to life yet but in australia in the -- the
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winner of that one will play pakistan. that will be a great semifinal whoever goes through. pakistan thrashed the western with 10 conflicted. -- with 10 wickets. the west indy coach criticized the senior players. this one was out for eight. he said don't blame the senior play. he apologized and he is now the leading wicket taker in the tournament with 21 wickets. well, then in reply mohammed and cameron, in the pakistan openers, 175 balls left in their innings. they won by 10 wickets. the man of the match, 61. and pakistan, winning their match easily. they will play australia or india. as i said, australia, 21 --
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excuse me, 24 without loss. i think that is ahead. can't see. so a very early day in that match. haven't lost a wicket yet. but pakistan awaits india or australia in the semifinals. >> thank you very much indeed for that. now an amateur video on youtube showing young boysal acting out a suicide attack has upset ewan seff and children charities in pakistan. it appears to be filmed in the borders of pakistan and afghanistan. some of the participants appear to have been as young as 3 or 4. >> a young boy says his goodbyes. his little play mates waiting in line. it's a chilling re-enactment of
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fair welle -- farewell videos made by adult videos. to the tune of a favorite taliban song, he sets off on his mission. he approaches his target, lifting his shirt to show his explosives. then this. it was just sand tossed in the air, but the children play deed show the bomber was successful. all of this was carefully staged. we don't know by whom. it's disturbing viewing and attracting plenty of attention on the internet. >> because they don't know what they are doing. >> children's rightsal activists like abdullah worry about the impact on other youngsters. he says this childs play has a very serious purpose. >> this message is quite clear from this clip. they are making them heroes. and other children and other
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people should per receive them as a hero and do the same thing. >> that this is a recruitment tool? >> exactly. it's a way to recruit child suicide bombers in their militant gang. >> and here is some of their handiwork. an attack last october on a shrine in the southern city of karachi. police believe the suicide bomber was just 14. >> middle tenants have a deliberate policy of recruiting teenagers, because they are easy to train and to brain wash and they are hard for the authorities detect. they can get close to their targets without arousing suspicion. experts say 8 out of 10 suicide attacks here in pakistan are carried out by teenaged bombers. this is just a game, but instead of fearing the bombers,
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these are glorifying them. they are children of conflict,. >> hello and welcome. >> see the news unfold, get the top stories from around the globe and click-to-play video reports. go to to experience the in-depth, expert reporting of "bbc world news" online. >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. and union bank.
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